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Neuromarketing Services

Neuromarketing Services


About Us

Is your business outsmarted by your competitors?
Do you want to avoid wasting money on worthless marketing?
Will it help to understand why customers buy your products and services?

You no longer need to rely on the outdated hit-or-miss approach reach out to your customers. We apply Neuromarketing to drive up your sales. Neuromarketing aims at understanding consumers' decision-making with Neuroscience, Psychology, Economics and Data Science. It have revealed the important role of emotion and intuition in buying decisions.

Can you sell more by giving your customers fewer choices? How do you increase sales by applying the science of pricing? Why does choosing the wrong color reduce your marketing effectiveness?

Successful companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, have been harnessing the power of Neuromarketing.
As the ONLY Neuromarketing firm in the Midwest, we can help you harness the power of Neuroscience to persuade your customers to buy. More importantly, we help you outsmart your competition.

Watch this 6-minute video featuring Dr. Terry Wu by Big Think on "3 Brain Hacks to Control Your Amazon Addiction."


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