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At Kennedy Carpet Cleaning we believe in a few simple things:

1. Transparent pricing information
Gone are the days of having to comb through pages and pages of fine print to see if your square footage matches that of the advertised price. We believe a service company should provide easy-to-use and simple-to-understand services.

2. Industry-leading Technology
While yes those fast dry times are enticing. They unfortunately come at a cost. Low water usage methods of cleaning require harsher and a higher amount of chemicals. These methods are also not as good for your carpet. Do you or a loved one struggle with allergies? Fear not because our method penetrates the carpet fibers and eliminates allergens as well as bacteria, unlike other methods that just clean the surface. Our method uses just enough chemicals to get the job done and plenty of nature's greatest resource. Water.

3. Common sense
No sane Minnesotan wants to leave their front door open for an extended period of time. Being a Minnesota-based company we understand what Minnesota weather is like. This is why all that we need is an outlet and we will have your carpet cleaned in no time.


  • Transparent pricing information
  • Industry-leading Technology
  • Flexible Scheduling