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Character Academy of Fine Art


Education - K-12

About Us

At Character Academy, we believe in building character through the formation and cultivation of healthy habits.

The study of fine art provides students with an opportunity to develop the necessary socio-communication, self-management, and complex critical thinking skills to excel in today’s society.

As Character students' progress in their learning, they will experience the direct rewards of their perseverance, discipline and patience. These positive traits will continue to develop and spread to other aspects of life.

The instructors with the Character Academy of Fine Art recognize the amazing impact a positive role model has on a student's life, and we work diligently to ensure a safe, productive environment that encourages curiosity and discovery through the practice and performance of the fine arts.

Through our rigorous, well-rounded curriculum, students set goals, problem solve and develop prowess in their chosen specialty with our experienced, professional instructors there to guide them every single step of the way.

In a world that overlooks the arts, Character Academy proudly stands apart.