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The Midwest Craft CBD Center of Woodbury : CBD+HEMP

The Midwest Craft CBD Center of Woodbury : CBD+HEMP


About Us

The Midwest Craft CBD+HEMP Center of Woodbury is a Midwest-based hemp CBD education, research, testing, and access facility. We provide consumers with complimentary education, and access to MN-grown, 100% hemp-based CBD formulas with legal zero and low THC levels in a safe, comfortable environment.

We know it because we grow it!

After growing industrial hemp for CBD and dealing with the challenges of an emerging industry, we saw an opportunity to bring quality and consistency directly to the end consumer. We made the decision to control the process from “seed-to-shelf”, directing every stage of the process - from planting and growing, through extraction and all the way to formulation and sales.
We saw the need to get involved at every step because we saw too many questionable products offering less-than advertised quality. We noticed unsubstantiated claims, and a lack of standards in product testing for CBD products. For example, not all manufactures participate in Good Manufacturing Practices or have clear Standard Operating Procedures in place. We do.
We also realized there was a great need for educating people on what CBD does and does not do, so we created a state of the art education center as a main component of our flagship retail store. We’re not just trying to sell CBD products, we’re dedicated to teaching the public on the benefits and facts around the Hemp & CBD spectrum.


The CBD Centers of Woodbury - Hemp CBD Education, Research, Testing & Access