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The Alternative Board - St. Paul


Business/Development/Management Consultants & Coaches

About Us

What do 10 St Paul Business owners know that you don’t?

They understand they need the right peer support ‘outside' their industry, spending time with owners exploring issues that face every business regardless of industry.

After 27 years in corporate I decided I wanted 2 things:
1. To be part of the Twin Cities small business community
2. Help business owners grow their business

The No.1 Thing they tell me is that it’s hard to find decent people to lean on, people that get them and are experiencing the same day to day problems

Here is what we covered in a recent meeting:
·The generational divide and best tactics to communicate with Millennials and Boomers
·Maslow’s hierarchy and how it relates to employee happiness and retention
·How to make lead generation more consistent
·The systems needed to go from $1m to $5m in revenue
·How to keep the right people...

We don’t offer a silver bullet, but our owners always get a plan together and then have the right support and proprietary tools to implement..

Our members range from 5 to 65 employees and they tell us the TAB tools and members of their peer board make us different to the rest doing something 'similar'

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group.” -Tony Robbins


Helping Companies Stand Out from the Crowd
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