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Rock U Music School

Rock U Music School

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About Us

Music is about bringing out the creative and confident self in everyone. That creativity is unique to each person. That’s why we don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all way to teach our students how to rock.

At Rock U, we view ourselves differently. We don’t just offer music lessons. We’re in the business of:


We are not your typical music school. No outdated books that smell like grandma’s basement, no set curriculum, no cartoonish posters of Do Re Mi on the walls. Our space is meant to INSPIRE and bring out our rockstars CREATIVITY. We go at your pace, you don’t go at ours. Learn what you want to play, how you want to play it. Every student has a unique learning plan tailored to their wants, goals, and needs. We teach all skill levels of all ages, from new rockstars who just got a guitar for their birthday (or quarantine boredom) to seasoned shredders who want to sharpen their skills.


  • Music lessons for guitar, piano, drums, vocals, DJ/recoding, and more!