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Family Achievement Center Inc.

Family Achievement Center Inc.


About Us

Family Achievement Center Inc. specializes in pediatric therapies, Occupational, Physical, and Speech Language Pathology. Family Achievement Center Inc. brings together a unique framework of resources in one location. Our dedicated team of professionals use a combination of traditional and innovative techniques and interventions to assist clients in reaching their therapy goals and achieving their full potential. Our vision: To provide hope to families and improve lives. Our Mission: Unlike traditional pediatric therapy models, Family Achievement Center (FAC) uses an innovative, family-centered approach. Our services integrate all aspects of the physical, occupational, and speech therapy experience. Ultimately we strive for our families to know that they are not alone, that FAC's core purpose is to share in their journey. We leverage a holistic view of the child's care team, and our services extend to all vested parties. FAC employees work one on one with children who face challenges with courage and resilience. At the same time, we partner with parents and caregivers to promote empowerment and offer support. Family Achievement Center offers therapy that makes a difference.

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  • Occupational Therapy-Sensory Integration, Activities of Daily Living, Self regulation/behavior modification, Fine Motor
  • Physical Therapy- Strength/flexibility, Orthopedic, Gross Motor, Mobility, Balance, Coord.,Concussion, Torticollis
  • Speech Language Pathology- Articulation, Expressive and receptive language skills, Fluency/stuttering, Pragmatic skills,
  • Specialty Programs-Auditory Interventions, Feeding Interventions, Self Regulation curriculum's, Social Skills Groups