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Club Champion is the globe’s top golf club fitter, offering golfers a 1 on 1 tailored PGA caliber club fitting. Our cutting-edge studio offers industry-leading Master Fitters who fit and handcraft every club to our customer's needs and unique to their swing. After warming up and taking a few swings with your current set of clubs, we dive into the numbers of what your current set is doing for your golf game. If they are perfect for your swing, we'll tell you! But if their holding you back from your best round ever, we'll fit and build you to a set that helps you reach your max potential and not only do we warranty the physical club itself, we stand behind the performance that club produces. Our motto says it all. Better Fit, Lower Scores!


Data Driven Results
Over 65,000 Combonations to choose from
Best Comprehensive Putter Fits Available
Tour Level Fitting Experience
State of the art Trackman Fitting Bays
State of the art Trackman Fitting Bays
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